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About Us

The Vision

Current owners of The Keep Downtown, Mark and Megan, share a vision inspired by their travels to cities with incredible downtowns. A few of their favorites are St. Augustine, Cleveland, and New Orleans. They both have always loved to discover gems hidden in alleyways or plain sight. Inside these spots, guests can count on unique wines, specialty beers, delicious fare, and of course great music and conversation.  

Becoming The Keep

We would like to introduce you to 'The Keep Downtown'! The keep was an important location in medieval castles, the last stronghold and a place to store fine goods as well as important papers (or secrets, if you will). After 20 years operating as Ocala Wine Experience under former owners, Mark and Megan have envisioned the transition to The Keep since they purchased the downtown spot in May, 2016.  The name isn't the only change though. They are opening the umbrella to offer a more diverse product line including craft mead on draft, specialty beers, shareable gourmet food in addition to our evolving boutique wine selection. The inspiration is a blend of fantasy and pop culture, with themes influenced heavily by our favorite books, movies, music, and shows. So don't be surprised to find us streaming music videos from the 80s at the downstairs bar, while simultaneously serving Game of Thrones wines during a grunge-era acoustic jam session and discussing the new Avengers movie in the bistro upstairs. That's just how they roll!

Thank you all so much for your patronage and being the absolute best guests we could imagine. We can't wait to see you all at 'The Keep'!

Stop in to check out the boutique wine and mead, craft beer and food selections available in the downstairs retail area. Enjoy a drink in the romantically-lit outdoor back courtyard. Join us upstairs in the newly updated 'red carpet lounge'.  Cheers!


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The Keep Downtown

36 Southwest 1st Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34471, United States



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